Hello! My name is Kate. I'm a writer and photographer who's grown up on the coast of southern California. I'm a beach girl at heart and for the last ten years or so, a health nut too. While I haven't always lived a healthy lifestyle, my life has changed dramatically over the past ten years when I began to question what was in the beauty products I was using. And then, I began to question everything that I put into my body. I haven't looked back since.

That journey led to an overhaul in the way I was living my life. I cut down on meat, and gave up processed foods and conventional beauty products. My passion is inspiring others to take their wellness, nutrition and beauty into their own hands. I created the Free Clean Beauty Challenge to show how easy it really is to transition to a natural non-toxic beauty routine.

I'm a firm believer in quality vs quantity and creating easy beneficial rituals to use every day. Salt and Ritual is my collection of lifestyle tips I've learned over the years (and am still learning!) in natural beauty and holistic nutrition and wellness.

I LOVE (more accurately, can't live without) the beach, ocean, and mountains. My hobbies are writing and photography, biking around town in search of good plant-based food and craft beer, hiking, camping with friends, reading books with wicked humor, watching thought provoking film & TV, and spending quiet, comfy nights at home on the Cuddler (a.k.a. the best couch you could ask for). I live by the beach with my boyfriend and our little kitty, Kleo.


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