10 Amazing Etsy Finds for Copper Lovers

Etsy Finds for Copper Lovers

Copper. Doesn’t it look great? I mean, really really great.  Anytime I see anything copper, my eyes are drawn to it like they’re drawn to a photo of Charlie Hunnam. I can’t look away.

There’s just something about the pink-orange sheen that looks rustic, but high-quality at the same time. Like flushed gold…well, that’s a great description.

How did I end up curating something so random as Etsy copper finds into one post? Recently I was scrolling through Etsy and came across a beautiful terrarium (which you can see above and below), the frame of it made of copper. It looked really pretty. I think it was then that I realized, I have a thing for copper. And thus this post was born.

So my friends, now is the time to drool with copper desire.

10 Must-Have Etsy Finds for Copper Lovers

Print Avenue Bling is not made of gold anymore, it’s made of copper. And it sits within a frame.

Etta and Odie This is what you need to finish up your picture perfect modern home.

Waen Is there anything more delicate and beautiful than this jewelry box? Probably, not.

Waen Ok, this copper candle holder with the light shining through is at least as delicate and beautiful…and pretty. Should I go on?

Stupid Egg Interiors Simple and beautiful is this copper pot.

Beach Blues Baby The only thing better than a mason jar is a mason jar with a copper lid. How freakin cute is this?

Print Avenue Simply put, I wish I was as cool as this printed copper in a frame.

Waen This is the one that got me. Shot me right through the heart. A copper terrarium? Good lord, I want one!

Etta and Odie Who wants an adorable hanging garden in copper pots? Um, everyone.

Finder Maker Shop Hey, you can make your own copper things! With this copper paint!

There you have it. If you are a fan of copper, I hope you took delight in all this Etsy magnificence I just presented to you. Are you teeming with desire like I am?

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