My Favorite Natural and Organic Makeup Remover

My Favorite Natural and Organic Makeup Remover

For years now there's only one ingredient I need as my makeup remover and that includes mascara and eye makeup: organic raw coconut oil.  It's the best.  There's nothing I've found that works better at removing makeup while still leaving my skin feeling completely moisturized.  

I honestly can't remember the last time I used conventional eye make up remover.  I do remember going through several brands and not being happy with any of them.  My eyes always stung after using the store brands on a cotton ball.  And they just never seemed to get my mascara completely off.

After I started going the natural route, I tried some "all natural" labeled eye make up removers, but still, it was sort of the same issue.  No matter how natural it claimed to be my eyes would still sting afterwards.  

My Favorite Natural and Organic Makeup Remover. I don’t know why I haven’t tried this before! So easy and literally one ingredient, cold pressed organic coconut oil. So soft on my eyes and great for my eyelashes as well. Found this article super helpful.

Using Organic Coconut Oil as a Makeup Remover

I think it was after I began washing my face with honey (and realizing that it actually worked) that I began to experiment with different ingredients you would find in your kitchen.  The most natural choice at the time seemed to be olive oi.  Straight cold pressed oilve oil.  That was it.  And it did job for the most part, but I've found the consistency of olive doesn't seem to break down specifically eye makeup as well as, probably my favorite oil of all time, coconut oil.

I have to back up just a little bit.  When I started washing my face with honey, I was in this experimental phase of trying to understand my skin.  I had really oily skin that I was trying to tame in a natural way.  After reading about how using soap to reduce oiliness can actually make your skin produce more oil, I went in the other extreme.  

I started applying organic cold pressed oils to my skin (I was experimenting with different kinds) and leaving it on for a couple of minutes before washing it off with honey.  The result was I had the softest skin ever!  Not kidding.  At the same time it made sense to use this oil as a make up remover as well so I just literally used my fingers to to massage it all over my face, including my eyes and my eye lashes.  

I've tried a variety of different oils for this process, but found for me, coconut oil works best.  I just love the soft consistency and my mascara seems to melt right off.  Plus there's something magical about what the combination of coconut oil and honey does to your skin.

It can get messy, and if you're wearing a lot of mascara, you may need to do two rounds of coconut oil with a rinse in between.  Then wet your face again and wash with honey.  That's my process for removing makeup.  

You can pretty much find coconut oil anywhere these days.  Just make sure that it's organic cold pressed unrefined coconut oil.  My favorite brand is Mountain Rose Herbs which is by far the best bang for your buck.

My favorite brand of honey to use as a facial wash is Honey Pacifica in Creamy Mango and Creamy die for.

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