Starting A Natural Skin Care Routine

How to Start a Natural Skincare Routine

I've received many emails from readers who are just starting to make the switch to natural skin care.  They're usually really excited, eager and many times confused.  The world of natural skin care can seem overwhelming with tips on what not to use as much as what to use.  So let me put you at ease right away.  Keep it simple.  Simple works.  

Actually, here's a couple more.

  • Don't be afraid.
  • Listen to your body.
  • Use common sense.
Starting A Natural Skin Care Routine. If you’ve ever been confused on how to transition to a natural skin care routine, definitely read this article. She gives a ton of great tips and insight, and makes it super easy to understand how to move to natural beauty products. Such a good article!

You can easily overwhelm yourself with tidbits from the million of different websites (mine included) out there all giving you mass amounts of information.  How in the world do you decipher what would be good for your skin or not?

The Keys to Transitioning to Natural Skin Care

You experiment.  But before you experiment, two things are key.  Know your body.  For heaven's sake, if you know you are allergic to something, let's say coconut oil for example, but you read that it's super beneficial for your skin...still don't use it!  

Listening to your body is the first step to natural skin care.  And just because something works for most people doesn't mean it will magically start working for you if your body has been rejecting it all along.  

Which goes into the common sense side of natural skin care.  I think many times, we can get super excited about an ingredient that we keep reading about all over the web, but it doesn't mean it will work for everyone.  As frustrating as it can be, there are so many other options.  There's no one magical ingredient for everyone.  The magic of natural skin care is finding what works for you personally.

And to find that you must experiment!  When I share about what works for me, that's all I know...that it works for me.  Chances are it may work for you, but since we're all different creatures you have to test it out and see.  Listen to your body.  If coconut oil isn't working for you, move on.  There's so many other amazing oils out there that may work better for your skin.

  • Know your body and use common sense.
  • Experiment.
  • Listen to your body again and again.

Repeat until you find that special combination.  I have no doubt you will.

Now, you will have to do a little research.  Of course, the Natural Beauty section of this website is a good place to start ;) but hell, I don't know everything!  Read books and check out other sites.  

This is what I've learned throughout the years about my routine.  I love organic oils as a facial and body moisturizer.  I have switched oils so many times throughout the years depending on the season, my health, my age.  Don't feel bad if the one oil that was working for you for so long is suddenly not doing the trick.  Your skin may need something else.  After all, we are constantly changing organisms, aren't we?  Makes sense.

I have found that honey works great for washing my face.  Many other people have too, but not everyone!  Try it and see.  If not, there are other options.  The oil cleansing method, clays, cleansing grains...

Natural skin care is not just what you put on your face.  Eating a clean and healthy diet, exercising and reducing stress is half the battle.  For example, if you are still getting acne despite using a wonderfully clean and natural skin care routine, look at what you eat.  Look at how much stress you're regularly experiencing.  Taking care of the inside of your body and your mental state will do wonders for your skin.

If you are unsure which products or lines are considered trustworthy, check out my favorite online resource where I buy 99% of my beauty ingredients, Mountain Rose Herbs.  

I hope this post will clear things up about starting your own natural skin care routine, but if you still have questions, feel free to email me at

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