Transitions and Listening to Your Intuition

listening to your intuition

The older I get, the more I realize that life does not always stick to the plan that you once envisioned.  Things change, they get rough, they just don't turn out the way you want them to no matter how much you try.  I'm being very vague.  I know.

I'm going through one of those times and I'm not going to spell it all out in detail as to what is going on (for privacy's sake at this day and time), but for those of you who have been along for the ride here on my blog, it feels strange not to at least share that there's been changes.  Some good and some really sad.

But that's life.  What I've learned throughout all of this is that you must listen to your gut.  I chose not to for a really long time, hoping things would just "work out" and "get better".  What I've experienced, not just in this situation, but in others as well, is you just can't force things and expect to be happy.  And sometimes you just can't accept things either.  You gotta tune in to yourself and understand what it is that you need.

So I tuned in after quite a long road of feeling something wasn't right with certain things in my life.  I finally listened.

Some day I may tell you what's going on.  Just know that I'm okay.  I'm still entirely in transition (and I'm not sure what the future holds), but I feel somewhat at peace.  And I'm by the beach again which always makes everything least to me.

I guess the reason for writing this post is to encourage you, my readers, how important it is to listen to your gut.  It doesn't matter what area in life it is.  It could be the smallest thing, but start practicing so when the bigger decisions in life come around, you'll have your intuition in your back pocket.

Thanks for listening :)

Photos taken on a somewhat stormy day in Leucadia, my new home.

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