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Babe-Face DIY Skincare Starter Kit

8 Luxurious Skincare Recipes to Help You Achieve Glowing Skin Naturally.

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The Benefits of DIY Skincare

Make your products fresh + non-toxic & completely natural ingredients + save money + learn how to create your own skincare products = Glowing Babe

In this digital guide, you'll learn how to make your own skincare products at home to transition to a completely natural DIY skincare routine. You'll receive a babelicious recipe and printable label for each of the luxurious homemade products below...

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Babe-Face DIY Skincare Starter Kit Recipes

Honey Face Facial Cleanser

Honey-Face Cleanser

A cult favorite among the knockouts at Babe Cove. They like how soft it makes their skin feel. Even their hunks dig the sensuous scent of Honey-Face. 

Use morning and evening. 

Bare Babe Facial Scrub_Square.png

Bare Babe Facial Scrub

Double cleanse with this gentle facial scrub and Honey-Face Cleanser for babelicious skin. 

Use once or twice a week.

Cocoa Glow Facial Mask_Square.jpg

Cocoa Glow Facial Mask

Feel your skin spring to life with this antioxidant packed facial mask that tastes like chocolate cake batter. Yup, you can eat it too.

Use once or twice a week after the Bare Babe Facial Scrub.

Naked-Face Foundation Remover

Naked-Face Foundation Remover

Double cleanse with this foundation remover and our Honey-Face Cleanser to leave your face soft as buttah.

Use as needed.

Babe Lift Toner

Lift and tone baby. You'll feel your skin tighten while still feeling moisturized, not dried out. And it helps clear acne. Seriously, what more do babes want?

Use a dash after cleansing in the morning.

Blue Dream Serum

Literally like the blue ocean surrounding Babe Cove, this luxurious anti-aging serum will make you feel like sexy siren. 

Use in the evening after cleansing.

Golden Potion Facial Moisturizer

The key to our #cultofbabes ageless beauty is our magical Golden Potion. Use daily for an alluring afterglow.

Use in the morning after the Babe Lift Toner in the morning.

Liquid Gold Eye-Makeup Remover

Liquid Gold Eye-Makeup Remover

The classic official makeup remover for natural babes, nothing more needed. Leaves eyes clean and soft.

Use as needed.

For the price of a latte, you can learn how to transform into a naturally bodacious babe.

What Our Babes Get

Photo Jan 18, 11 31 31 AM.png

Step 1 to being a babe. 

Ditch deceptive beauty products and use our Cult's natural beauty brews to unleash your babe potential with our DIY skincare starter kit.

Using luxurious natural ingredients such as raw honey, cocao and cinnamon with the likes of anti-aging potions such as frankincense, helichrysum and argan (plus many more), you'll learn how to create your own DIY skincare routine from start to finish. Bonus? You'll smell like a summer goddess.

The Recipes:

  • Honey-Face Cleanser
  • Bare Babe Scrub
  • Naked-Face Foundation Remover
  • Liquid Gold Eye Makeup Remover
  • Cocoa Glow Facial Mask
  • Babe Lift Toner
  • Blue Dream Serum
  • Golden Potion Facial Moisturizer

Step 2: Glow from the inside out with our Glossy Skin Elixirs Collection.