10 Reasons Hunks Dig Natural Babes

Most dudes, if you ask them, prefer their women more on the natural side. 

Sure, there will always be those guys that fall for the chicks with gobs of makeup, perfect hair and clothes.

But you won’t find that type at Babe Cove

Nope. The local hunks at Babe Cove prefer their women half naked, a touch of mascara and blush if need be, munching on a diet full of local veggies and fruits, and slathered in sensuous natural oils to keep their skin soft and glowing.

There are various reasons for this. Let’s check em out...

 Photo Credit: Christopher Campbell via Unsplash

Photo Credit: Christopher Campbell via Unsplash

10 Reason Hunks Dig Natural Babes

  1. Hunks don’t want to wait for hours while their babe gets ready to go out. Dudes get antsy. Why? Because there is fun to be had, and “getting ready time” cuts into that. Just sayin’.
  2. Dudes also don’t want chicks that wear too much makeup. They prefer “enhancing” your natural look. Want proof? Check this out.
  3. Natural babes are more likely to be on the healthier side. Healthy babes stay glowing fo-eva.
  4. Most hunks prefer women that are easy breezy. No, not easy in that way! Easy going, jeez babe...
  5. They don’t want to be shocked to see the “real you” in the morning. For reals.
  6. However, your stud would be stoked if you made him one of your yummy elixirs in the AM.
  7. These days, worthy hunks usually care about the environment. Chances are if you’re a natural babe, you do too. That’s a match!
  8. Hunks want a babe that’s not afraid to get a little dirty and adventurous.
  9. And they prefer you have some independent interests, which ain’t a problem for natural babes.
  10. Stellar hunks like to learn. You can teach them your #mixinmagik ways. Who knows, they might even become an avid user of one of your skincare concoctions.

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