5 Simple Daily Detoxifying Rituals

Great ideas on how to detox at home that literally anyone can do. You don't need a juicer or to spend money on something expensive to detox, lover her ideas!

I've been thinking a lot about detoxifying lately. Even though I eat pretty healthy most of the time, sometimes, on Sundays mostly, we might go out for a craft beer and then decide to make vegan nachos that night (which are delicious!) and get some yummy dairy-free treats. Basically vegan junk food that is probably no better than real junk food. While it's super fun once in a while (devilish grin), it doesn't feel that great the next day. 

This past week we went to Portland to visit friends and attend my cousin's wedding, and really got down and dirty with some delicious food (omg, so many good vegan options up there). A veggie torta was probably my favorite, a close second was the vegan chili mac and cheese. Plus good craft beer, sigh.

Anyway, what I'm getting to was detoxifying was really needed after this trip.

For me, the simpler the better. These five rituals I can do at home or on the go. They get me back into a clean lifestyle quickly after a day or vacation of being a little naughty. In fact, I normally do four out of five of these every day because I believe they're part of a overall healthy wellness routine.

5 Simple Daily Detoxifying Rituals

1. Coconut-Turmeric Oil Pulling First Thing in the Morning

Start your day with a coconut-turmeric oil pulling. Coconut pulling supposedly pulls a ton of built up toxins out of your gums as well as being great for overall health of your teeth. Some say it's great for wellness in general, but I can only go by what I've experienced. It's definitely helped the state of my gums when I do it consistently.

You don't have to use coconut oil per say, you can actually use any oil you'd like. I just always have coconut oil on hand. As far as turmeric, I've been using it for years for it's anti-inflammation properties. I actually saw the idea to combine it with oil pulling from Cam and Nina's YouTube channel. They say turmeric also whitens teeth, which I haven't necessarily noticed (yet). But I know it's great for your health so it can't hurt to add it.

Before even taking a sip of water in the morning, I oil pull for five to ten minutes. I have not gotten up to the standard 20 minutes, working on it! If you're curious to learn more on whether oil pulling really works or not, I read an interesting article on Jezebel that pretty much sums up what it's good for.

Once you're done, spit it in the garbage, as it can clog up drains. 

2. Drink Water with Lemon Afterwards

It's amazing how something so simple can make you feel detoxified! If you start your day out with at least this, you will feel a difference right away. This simple mixture wakes up and flushes out your body.

If you drink a big glass of lemon water first thing (or after oil pulling if you choose to do that), you will feel it cleansing your body and next thing you know, you have to go to the bathroom...um, number 2. Um, that's a good thing!

3. Have a Chia Seed Pudding Breakfast

As if the lemon water isn't enough, chia seeds will really make you feel detoxified. Chia seeds are amazing at flushing out your digestive system. If you've never had them before, the trick is to add a liquid to them, like a nut milk. Let it sit for about five to ten minutes and you'll notice how much they expand in that short amount of time.

Add berries and maple syrup for a complete breakfast and you'll be surprised at how filling it is. And then you'll be surprised at having to eliminate once or twice more that day. This is great for getting yourself back on track with a clean diet.

Check out my Pomegranate and Chia Seed No Cook Breakfast recipe to get started (if you're using this recipe as a detoxifier, use 1/4 cup less granola and 1/4 more chia seeds).

4. Eat Your Veggies

Perhaps you think this is a no brainer, or perhaps you're tired of hearing "eat your veggies". Yes, it's totally common knowledge and common sense, but how many of us are truly getting enough vegetables into our diet? Be honest with yourself!

If you're eating a clean diet mostly of whole foods like veggies and other whole fibers like grains in their virgin form, you're probably feeling great. I know I do whenever consistently do this.

Actually, every time I have those Sunday fun days or get lazy with my routine, and then go back to eating clean, it's amazing the difference I feel. It is so true that you are what you eat. 

See the photo above? Try to get that rainbow of colors into your diet every day. This will take some effort, especially if you're on a time crunch (I've been there too many times so I understand). But it is so worth it.

The only advice I can give for that is to try to stick with easy meals. Rice or quinoa bowls are great and easy to take to work. Cook a large batch of rice early in the week and then chop up your favorite veggies to mix with it. Get creative and try different flavor combos. Adding lemon or lime, cilantro or parsley, and a bit of avocado will make anything taste better.

5. Drink A LOT of Water Throughout the Day

This is just a reminder, not anything new! But so important. You can't detoxify if you're not flushing your system. And water is the best thing to do that. My advice is to get a 27 ounce reusable water bottle and try to drink at least three refills a day. Sometimes I even drink up to four if I'm on a roll.

Warning: You will have to pee a lot, but that means you're flushing out your system.

Try to drink everything you need to before 7pm, so you're not getting up throughout the night to pee.

There's obviously so many more things you can do as well, but I've found these super simple tactics work really well. And I love super simple. Anytime I'm feeling "eh", I always come back to these rituals. 

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