Magical Anti-Wrinkle Eye Oil

Magical Anti-Wrinkle Eye Oil

I blended this anti-wrinkle eye oil this morning because I was in desperate need of nourishing oils to combat my margarita eyes.  I basically took all my most luxurious, precious oils (I have a collection) to create a new batch of this anti-wrinkle eye oil.  It's the best, I love it so much.  I use it to combat my crows feet that seem to have appeared with my 30s.  This oil definitely helps reduce them.  I apply it twice a day and trust me, it helps.  Of course, so does not drinking heavy handed margaritas, but you gotta have a little fun sometimes...totes.



  • Whichever container you end up using (I prefer the amber or dark blue glass bottles), sanitize it by leaving in boiling water for a couples minutes and then let dry.  Make sure all the water has dried and been removed (water can cause the oils to go bad).
  • This is the easy part.  Add equal parts of all the oils together (except the carrot seed) in the glass bottle.  After all the oils have been blended add 2 to 3 drops of carrot seed essential oil.
  • Screw the cap on and gentle roll the bottle in your hands to blend the oils.  Some oils are thicker than others so this helps give it an even blend.

I apply this right after I wash my face while it's still a little damp.  I apply it gently around my lower eye area and where the emerging crows feet are.  You can also apply it anywhere else you want to combat wrinkles.  It's truly a luxurious and decadent oil.  I've found it's helps stop wrinkles in their tracks and greatly reduces any that are already there. Perfect after a night of margs.