Beard Oil DIY

About three years ago I worked with a crew of burly, bearded men.  When I first told them about my blog and how I made my own beauty products with essential oils, they laughed.  This was nothing new.  They made fun of me all the time.  Then they said, "Kate makes sensual oils, hardy har har!" And I would say, "No, they're essential oils!"  And they would say, "What?  Sensual oils?  You make sensual oils?"  

This went on for months.

Beard Oil DIY. I love the idea of making beard oil for my boyfriend instead of buying it. The ones I’ve seen have been so expensive and this recipe is so simple to make. Definitely trying it! Would be a great gift.

So now three years later, beards and beard oils are all the rage.  And guess what they're made out of boys?  Essential oils.  And guess what else my bearded friends?  You can't deny you're intrigued by sensual beard oil.

Let's get to the truth of the matter.  Beards are sexy these days.  As I child in the 80s I could never understand why any lady would want to kiss a guy with a beard. They looked gross to be blunt.  They looked like dads and dads were not sexy. They reminded me of Bob Segar.  

Now, I, or let's be honest, my entire gender, can't get enough of them.  

And the boys know it.  It's astounding how a beard can transform a regular dude into a mountain man who seemingly can chop down a tree with an ax, build a cabin with his bare hands and offer you a glass of smooth whiskey when he's done.  

So anyone else turned on?  

Um, and you might as well smell manly if you're going to look that manly.  Right.  So, men, you can easily make this at home (and just say you bought it, or just pretend you naturally smell this good).  Ladies, this would make a great gift for your man, don't cha think?

How to Make Beard Oil


  • Jojoba, Baobab or Argan carrier oil
  • Clary sage, lavender and rosemary essential oil blend or...
  • Frankincense essential oil and benzoin resin oil blend or...
  • Patchouli essential oil and oakmoss absolute oil blend
  • Vitamin E oil to preserve blend


  1. Whichever container you end up using (I prefer the amber or dark blue glass bottles), sanitize it by leaving in boiling water for a couples minutes and then let dry.  Make sure all the water has dried and been removed (water can cause the oils to go bad).
  2. Fill bottle with your choice of carrier oil (jojoba, baobab or argan).
  3. Add a dash of vitamin e oil.
  4. For small bottles, start with using 2 to 3 drops of each essential oil.  For example, for the patchouli and oakmoss blend, I would add three drops of each.  For the clary sage, lavender and rosemary blend, start with two drops each.

I chose jojoba, baobab and argan as the carrier oils because they're great for hair and skin in general.  They easily absorb into your hair and skin instead of sitting on top of it.  The combos are more masculine blends that I like and came up with, but feel free to experiment with your own essential oil blends.

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