Beauty Rituals for Your 20s

Spring babes, don't let your baby soft skin and never-ending youthful energy fool you.

It's way important to take care of what you have while you have it. That way, you get to keep it longer, right? Right. 

So those soft baby bum cheeks of yours? Slather em with natural sunscreen daily, use a luxurious skincare routine to keep yo'self glowing and do your body good with healthy nom noms.

Here's how...

 Photo Credit: Roberto Nickson via Unsplash

Photo Credit: Roberto Nickson via Unsplash

Beauty Tips for Your 20s

Sun Protection In the Cult, we're in love with this SPF 30 tinted sunscreen from Andalou in Sheer Tan. Chiara likes to use as a foundation as well. Protects and keeps you looking hypnotic.

Skincare You'll want to use our Babe-Face DIY Skincare Starter Kit to keep your skin supple and glowing fo-eva. How?

In our starter kit you'll receive a sumptuous recipe and printable label for a complete natural beauty routine. Includes:

  • Honey-Face Cleanser
  • Bare Babe Scrub
  • Naked-Face Foundation Remover
  • Liquid Gold Eye Makeup Remover
  • Cocoa Glow Facial Mask
  • Babe Lift Toner
  • Blue Dream Serum
  • Golden Potion Facial Moisturizer

Makeup Our favorite brand, which also happens to have a stellar score on Skin Deep for being non-toxic is Mineral Fusion Baby. Score! Check out our favorites in our Cult Approved skincare shop.

Diet Yes, we know you can practically get away with eating anything you want in your 20s, but you'll be keeping that youthful glow in lots longer babe if you start getting plenty of greens, fruits and healthy fats in your diet.

Luckily, the Cult has done the hard part for you. We've created 6 deliciously sweet smoothie recipes that contain tons and tons of healthy greens...except you would never know it. Yup, they taste that good...just sayin'.

Get the recipes in our Glossy Skin Elixirs Collection.

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