Become a Natural Beauty in 21 Days

The FREE Clean Beauty Challenge Starts October 1st - This challenge has closed.

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We're almost a month away from our Free Clean Beauty Challenge and I couldn't be more excited. I first got the idea for doing a free challenge after hearing Jaydah from Simple Green Smoothies on the Smart Passive Income podcast. I've been looking for a way to share what I've learned and after hearing that podcast I was convinced this was the best way to reach people and share with them the steps to transition to a clean beauty regimen.

I made the switch to clean beauty almost 10 years ago! Which is crazy to me, it doesn't seem like that long. I'm convinced that using natural beauty products along with eating a clean diet has kept me youthful and feeling like I'm 25, not two months away from being 37. 

Right now I'm in the midst of planning content for the 21 day challenge. I know what I want to share about my experience, but more importantly, I need to know what you want to learn from this challenge. Are you more interested in the best clean beauty products or how diet affects our skin or beauty recipes? Do you have time to make beauty recipes or do you prefer to buy good quality non-toxic products?

To best craft this challenge, I would love it if you took this survey to help me out with creating the best content for you. It's only 5 multiple choice questions so it literally takes about 2 minutes to do! 

Take the Clean Beauty Survey here.

If you've already signed up, feel free to take the survey above and I'll be in touch with updates about the challenge soon. If you haven't signed up yet, you can do so in the form below!

The challenge starts October 1st and is FREE!

Tell your friends, tell your fam and let's get naturally beautiful and healthy together. See you in October!

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