Creating a Nighttime Beauty Routine

I'm the worst at shutting my brain off at night.  Especially now since I don't have a TV, I'm on the computer...thinking and working entirely too much.  But one cannot work all day and night.  At least one shouldn't I think.

That's why, I'm trying, really trying to make a concentrated effort slow it down after 8pm.  For the sake of health and wellness and indirectly beauty.  Because it all goes hand in hand.  I wrote an article a while back called Creating Bedtime Beauty Rituals which I love...but I've just been thinking how much I've gotten away from it.  

In my brain, at this moment, it's crunch time.  Don't ask me why!  It's just my personality and I tend to get really focused on things, like for instance this blog.  And I work well into the night which isn't good...most of the time I'm pretty good about staying balanced, but I can tell, it's time for a reset.

Creating a Nighttime Beauty Routine. So many good ideas in here and reminders why we need a beauty routine at night instead of watching tv for hours and heading to bed. Love her ideas and will definitely be trying some of these soon.

How to Create a Nighttime Beauty Routine

A huge part of taking it back a notch is not working after 8pm.  Yup, that should be the deadline for computer/work time.  Lately I haven't been listening to my own advice, but I'm starting tonight!  Come 8pm, it's time to relax and take care of myself.  Time to get back into the swing of things.

So now that I don't have a TV, it's the perfect time to light some candles, have a little bit of tea and read a book.  

You're probably thinking, well, where's the beauty part come in?  

Well, I don't know about you, but relaxing and not thinking about things I "have to do" does wonders for my overall wellness and beauty.  I don't feel so tense and I sleep better.  

I think my new routine will be that I will just give myself time away from my phone and computer...a little digital detox.  And also give myself time to wind down before bed and pamper myself every now and again.  I'm so ready.

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