Fall is Here

Yesterday was the first chilly day we've had in a long time. Even though I love summer, I'm ready for fall. I'm in work mode and it kills me to be inside on a sunny summer day. I've been working hard on getting the clean beauty challenge going and keeping this blog updated, which I totally enjoy and don't mind at all doing. It's my passion. That being said I am ready for a bit of chilly weather to keep me from feeling guilty for not getting outside more.

So as of yesterday, the flannels, the sweaters, and the wetsuits came out. The boyfriend thinks we're in for another heat wave before things get cold (well, cold for San Diego). We'll see. Regardless, I'm ready to get cozy.

We walked down to the beach for the sunset. It was super crisp and a little windy out. Fall is definitely here. Not sure we're going to get an Indian summer this year.

I'm going camping this weekend, which I haven't done in a year! Way too long of a break. Time for midnight walks to the PCT, attempting to sing songs around the campfire and who knows what else. Yay.