How to Clean Your Lululemon Hot Yoga Mat

I love my Lululemon yoga mat.  It's cushy and soft on my hands and wrists.  It's perfect for hot yoga classes.  It's just the my opinion.  When I first got it I had no idea how to clean it.  I was getting various suggestions like just use lemon juice or just baking soda and water.  I went on forums only to see frustration that whatever it was people were using wasn't working.  Well, this simple (very, very simple) recipe seems to work fine for me.  The thing is I clean it right after class.  I don't let it saturate in the sweat (I know that sounds disgusting).  I also never let it dry in the sun which I feel like brings out the smell of the rubber.

How to Clean Your Lululemon Hot Yoga Mat

Cleaning Your Hot Yoga Mat

Add about a teaspoon of baking soda to a small cup, then a squeeze of lemon which will make the baking soda bubble (hee, hee, pretty cool), then add water.  I take a rag, dip it in the concoction and wipe the mat down thoroughly.  Then I rinse out the rag, keep it damp and wipe it down again with just water.  Then I let it air dry in the shade or in the house.  

That's it.  It's simple, kind of a pain, but a necessity if you do hot yoga.  I love my Lululemon mat!  I've had for a couple months and it's as good as new.  So hopefully this will help those of you out there that are kind of lost on what to do when it comes to cleaning your mat.  Even though it's made for hot yoga, I still use a towel over it as well. I don't know if that helps keep it newish longer, but that just what I prefer.

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