Why You Should Be Washing Your Face with Honey

The Benefits of Washing Your Face with Honey

Here at Babe Cove, we're all about the purest, most natural skincare products we can get our hands on. That's why I've been using organic raw honey to wash my face for the last 10 years. It's the best. Honestly, I don't think I could ever go back to using any kind of soap on my face. 

Serious question here, babes. Why use synthetic chemicals on your face when you can use something organic and pure that does the same thing? I'm very careful about what I put on my skin because many ingredients in modern skincare today are linked to cancer and many other gnarly diseases. Check out safecosmetics.org for more info.

Why Use Honey on Your Face  

Honey is super gentle on my face. My skin never feels dried out after washing with honey...it fact it always feels softer (I've personally been using our Honey-Face Cleanser recipe and my skin has never felt better).

Honey is naturally antibacterial. Most acne and blemishes are caused by bacteria so honey naturally cleans out the bacteria in your pores. No need for a heavy duty chemical facial wash for acne. Truth, I next to never break out and if I do, I just put a dab of honey on the blemish and it's usually gone by the next day. Also, I'm not one of those people that's never had acne. I used to actually have bad acne when I was a teenager and got put on some heavy medication for it. While that did help, so does the honey which is completely natural.

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It lasts a long time since you don't have to use that much. (I just use my finger to scoop a little bit out. Tip, I buy separate honey for just my facial wash which I keep in the bathroom.  

Raw honey is ideal. Use only raw honey babes. Why? Because it hasn't been damaged at all by heat. Also, it's important to use organic as well for sure. Honey that is not organic usually has been sprayed with pesticides which is not only bad for the honey, but also bad for the bees. And we need our bees to be happy because they are essential for pollinating crops so we can grow food.  More information about that here. There are some reputable companies that aren't labeled organic for various reasons. For instance, the honey we recommend, Honey Pacifica, has this stated on their website:

"Our honey is not certified organic. Although our sage and buckwheat honey meet standards to be certified organic, we do not currently certify them for the following reason. Due to the drought our production of these honeys are very low, even with the high prices we must charge we often sell out before the new crop.Therefore, we do not wish to increase the cost of the honey by going through the certification process and then have to pass that cost on to the consumer."

Just do your homework when it comes to finding a pure raw organic honey. There may be a local mom n' pop bee keeper that just can't afford the cost of being labeled organic, but are up to the standards of the organic process.

Next up, How to Wash Your Face with Honey. Keep reading below...

The Benefits of Using Honey For Your Face

How to Wash Your Face With Honey

First wet your face like you normally would before washing your face. This step is really important. If you put honey on dry skin, it will be sticky and not able to glide over your skin like a normal facial wash or soap.

Scoop out a little honey and wash your face with the honey like you would an actual soap. You don't need to add anything to the honey, it dissolves once it touches water making it easy to move around and not sticky. You can also use our Honey-Face Cleanser recipe that contains anti-aging ingredients mixed with honey (included in our digital guide, the Babe-Face DIY Skincare Starter Kit).

After washing, thoroughly rinse off your face with cold water. Any honey that hasn't been rinsed off will feel sticky on your face once it dries. Rinsing with cold water instead of hot helps your skin retain it's moisture.

Then softly pat dry and apply whatever moisturizer you normally use. We recommend our Blue Dream Serum and Golden Potion Facial Moisturizer recipes.

Most people find that the honey leaves their skin super soft. This whole process of washing my face takes me about 2 minutes. I don't leave the honey on for long amounts of time (then it would be more of a mask, duh).  It's a very simple process, promise babe.


I've discovered a new honey recently that I absolutely love for a facial wash. It's a creamy honey from Honey Pacifica in mango or wildflower (this is what we use in our #cultofbabes). Their sage honey is also ideal as a face wash.

Have to say, I've been super duper happy with it.

How Raw Honey Became My Gateway Drug to DIY Beauty

Like many of you, I wasn’t always a natural babe to begin with. Yes, it’s true. In fact one could say I was the opposite. I was a drugstore beauty junkie. Not proud of this era of my life…but it’s an important part of the story.

In my 20s I would spend every Friday (my ritual back then, ha, before going out for the weekend) looking for a new lip-gloss, make up or skincare product to buy. Of course at the time I believed every promise printed on the packaging, hoping my skin would miraculously turn into what I always wanted; soft, clear and glowing.

So here I was, not entirely happy with my skin at the time. Although I had come a long way from the acne ridden teenage skin that plagued me in high school, I still had a major problem with my oily t-zone and my skin just looked dull and blah. That’s a good description for it.

I used so many products back in the day. Products that claimed to have anti aging ingredients, products that claimed to be natural, products that magazines raved about. Expensive products to cheap products. It wasn’t until I listened to my gut and intuition that I decided to look into what exactly went into these current products that I was using.

Turns out, a lot of chemicals.

I had that sinking feeling that all of these years I had been using products that I thought were actually good for my skin, but were ridden with chemicals. At that time you could find me trying to research which chemicals were okay to use on our skin and which weren’t.

Let me you how I reacted. I hated being confused. Hated it! The idea of trying to make sense of the bazillions of ingredients listed on most skincare product labels I find way too exhausting. I don’t have time, do you?

So…that’s what made me interested in DIY beauty. The easiest place to start? Single ingredients.

I like simple. Makes life a ton easier in this busy world we live in. Plus, simple is effective. Although most skincare companies (including many natural-based skincare companies) would have you believe you need to have 30+ ingredients in one product to make it effective.

Trust me, you don’t.

Enter Raw Honey

At this time I was 27 (in the summer of 2007). So long ago it seems now. I had just moved down to San Diego from L.A. and was in total health mode after learning about our chemical ridden beauty industry here in the U.S. I was reading any book I could get my hands on about health and beauty. I was trying to find websites about natural beauty (there weren’t many). And I was looking into ancient beauty rituals.

Maybe that’s where I got the idea of using ray honey as a facial wash. I had read that the Ancient Egyptians had used honey to heal wounds. Ancient civilizations used honey to actually embalm and preserve their dead. While that sounds kinda weird, it did get me thinking.

What was so amazing about raw honey that it actually promoted the healing process and could be used as a natural preservative? I came to learn that honey is extremely acidic and because of that acidity, it’s highly anti-bacterial and microbial (fights fungus).

Actually, bacteria can’t even grow in honey, it’s that acidic. Many times in the health world, the term “acidic” can be associated with being negative. In this case, it’s a positive, babes. What’s better than a gentle natural cleanser to remove dirt from your skin at the end of the day? I haven’t found anything better in the last 10 years.

Note: Honey on it's own can last a lifetime. However, if water gets into the honey bacteria can grow. If you use a small jar of honey as your facial wash (which is what we do here at Salt & Ritual), then make sure your hands are completely dry before scooping some out with your fingers. 

Recap on Why Raw Honey Should be Used in Your Natural Skincare Routine

A single pure ingredient to me is always ideal. This outlook started after I began washing my face with honey. I was so blown away by its effectiveness to clean my skin, the way it left my skin soft and the fact that it was edible!

Not to mention it's amazing, so so amazing, at reducing acne. I rarely get acne to begin with anymore, but if a small blemish pops up, I simple add a dab of honey to it overnight and it never ever gets worse. Most of the time it’s gone in a day. Raw honey is bomb.

The Step Before Using Raw Honey to Wash Your Face

If you wear a lot of makeup, you’ll need to remove it before washing your face with honey. I personally don’t wear much makeup (just Andalou’s Sheer Nude Foundation/ Sunscreen daily, it’s very light weight). After hosting a Clean Beauty Challenge last year here on Salt & Ritual, I heard from many participants the need for a natural makeup/foundation remover because the honey wasn’t doing a good job of dissolving makeup.

In the natural DIY beauty world, many babes use an oil cleanser to remove foundation. Many swear by oil cleansing in itself (using a carrier oil, hot water and a soft wash cloth) to remove makeup and cleanse skin.

At Salt & Ritual, we’re not a huge fan of that process. First, you don’t want to use hot water to wash your face because it dries out skin. Here’s an example. Have you ever noticed how dry your skin becomes when you use hot water to wash your hands? Now think about doing that over and over for your face, which has even more delicate skin than your hands. Not a good idea babes.

Personally, I can thank an older Greek woman that worked at the little bed and breakfast I stayed at in Greece for that advice. I was only 22 years old at the time. She must have been at least 60 and her skin was glowing. For some reason, probably because my skin was not in good shape back then, she gifted me this piece of advice that I’ve used ever since. Never wash your face with hot water, always use cool water. I have since then and it’s made a huge difference in the moisture of my skin.

I've also had many people write me since the challenge about how the oil cleansing method had completely dried out their skin. My advice is not to do it. Washing your face with honey and cool water helps your natural oils and skin hydration stay intact. Don’t mess with it babe!

Getting back to how to remove foundation after a long day of being a babe. After lots of experimenting, I came up with the Naked-Face Foundation Remover recipe that can be found in our Babe-Face DIY Skincare Starter Kit. I absolutely love, love, love this simple, gentle, yet effective recipe!

I personally use that daily to remove makeup and then double cleanse with our Honey-Face Cleanser.

Bottom line?

If you’re new to DIY beauty or natural beauty in general, using honey to wash your face will do wonders for your skin. Try it!!! I’m telling you, it’s our favorite beauty ingredient here at the Cult.


Kate – Founder of Salt & Ritual

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