Interview with Laura Jane of Lola Jane Artisan Body and Skincare

If you're looking for a skincare line that is 100% natural and holistic, while still being completely luxurious, look no more. Lola Jane is it. An absolutely beautiful skincare line that is all about the tiny, but meaningful details. Each product is so inviting. Lightly fragranced with essential oils, I can tell every time I use Lola Jane the time and care it took to create these wonderful products.

Laura Jane, creator and founder of Lola Jane, and I have been in contact for awhile now and I'm SO glad I'm finally getting to share her amazing interview with you! She was the first one on board, and with absolutely no hesitation, to be part of The Free Clean Beauty Challenge. So thankful for that!

And honestly, I couldn't recommend an entire skincare and body line more than hers if you're looking to switch to a natural regime, but don't have time to make your own recipes. I highly recommend this line. The eye makeup remover, the cleansing grains and facial serum, everything is just so amazing! Literally blown away.

Interview with Laura Jane

How did you become interested in natural skincare and what is your background in holistic beauty?

I've been a Massage Therapist for thirteen years. Eight of those years were spent practicing in one of San Diego's top hotel spas. I had training and years of experience working with the most incredible, natural products for massage, body and ritual treatments. It really all started there and over the years became so much more for me. A trip to the spa is so much more about holistic wellness than about pampering. That's another interview all on its own; perhaps for another day because I could go on and on about that truth.

Fast forward to where we are today and what ultimately gave us the hard shove into using natural products at home- We became parents 100 days earlier than planned. Our son was born at 25 weeks; 1 lb 6 oz of determination and strength. (Spoiler alert: he's now a happy, healthy, thriving 3 year old!) This new journey of having a medically fragile child began when he came home from his 4 month stay in the NICU. It wasn't until about a year later that we were able to ween off of some of his medications and really start to look at what ingredients were in our household products, skincare products and our food. What toxins could we eliminate? How can we provide a more safe home environment for our son?

His lungs were fragile (still are) so, aerosols of all kinds and plug ins for fragrance were out- first things to go. We replaced "fragrance" with essential oils and the rest is history. THAT is how we dove right in to a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. Our essential oil obsession grew into Lola Jane- Artisan Body and Skincare. We are constantly expanding our product line and kicking hundreds of nasty chemicals out of your daily routine, so stay tuned:)

How did your skincare line, Lola Jane Naturals, come about?

'Lola' is an identity from my childhood and beyond- it exists in some of my oldest memories. My grandmother would affectionately refer to me as "Lola" and it made me feel so special and different- exotic even- nicknames can do that, right?! My grandmother had a way of making everyone feel unique and special.

She was a lover of all things beautiful and luxurious; especially soaps and lotions. I can remember lingering in her bathroom long enough to admire all the beautiful perfume bottles and products. She had impeccable taste and style- we would call her regal; a sentiment she would humbly deny. Her memory is always around me- it's in everything I do and she would have soooo loved this business we've built!

In our recent rebranding from 'Golden Valley Naturals' to 'Lola Jane', my inspiration was my grandmother. Pairing the memory of her classy, beautiful style with our natural, plant based formulas has given us a final product line that is timeless, elegant, effective and 100% natural. We are still in awe of the life events that have led us here and are so grateful to all of our customers and friends who are falling in love with our products, falling in love with their skin and adopting a new healthy approach to self-care! 

I absolutely love your Rosewater Facial Toner and Facial Serum. What is the inspiration behind your creations for Lola Jane Naturals?

Ah, thank you! You know, I was once completely overwhelmed with the thought of giving up my commercial products. I didn't know where to start and I didn't know if I could find natural products that were effective. I knew I wasn't the only one dragging my feet on this. It's too easy to just go with the old reliable stuff on the shelves at target.

Not everyone has a life experience, like a medically fragile child, to prompt changing your products and your routine. We wanted to make the idea to go natural simple and non intimidating for people. We've done the work, researched and sourced the best plant based ingredients and formulated products that really work and make you feel wholly better. By "wholly", we mean total mind and body self-care.

We use pure, therapeutic grade essential oils in our formulas to give scent and provide all of the wonderful side benefits of essential oils. I highly recommend that anyone seeking a more natural approach to life, research essential oil benefits. By using essential oils in our formulas, we eliminate the need for artificial fragrance. Did you know that in a list of ingredients, the one word "fragrance" can have hundreds of chemicals hiding behind it?! This is crazy! Some of these chemicals that are lumped under the ingredient "fragrance" are knows carcinogens! So these are just some of the reasons we became so passionate about creating awesome, trusted all natural products.

I usually suggest my readers wash their face with honey, but some can’t because they’re either vegan or have a sensitivity to honey. The Lola Jane Cleansing Grains are an amazing alternative. How did you discover this wonderful recipe?!

Thank you, we love it too. This is one of our best sellers. It's one of those life-changing- how did I live without this- products. The Cleansing Grains were formulated out of necessity. I need a bit of grit to my cleanser- my daily cleanser, so it can't be too harsh of an exfoliant because I have sensitive skin. Ground almonds give this perfectly silky exfoliation that is, for me and my sensitive skin, perfect for daily use. We've added anti-aging and anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe and protect the skin. You're left with clean, polished skin that is ready to be toned and hydrated. I'm so glad you love our cleanser as much as we do! 

What are two things that people can do today to take care of their skin naturally?

Start today- drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water each day, remember to breathe deeply, get 6-8 hours of sleep per night and cleanse and hydrate your face before bed!! That's 4 things, but there're important, right?! ;) When we do one good thing for ourselves at the start of the day, that tends to snowball into anther good thing and another and another.

What’s your favorite natural beauty tip of all time?

Oh there are so many but my favorite one rings in my ears daily. I read this not too long ago and it just made sense. "If you don't recognize the ingredient, your body won't either." This goes for food, body and skincare products, laundry products and personal hygiene products. It's daunting to think of reading every label but I don't go about eliminating chemicals from our routine in that way- trying to decipher labels.

I start from scratch and formulate a product with only the ingredients needed to be effective. This way, I don't even think about all the nasty additives that aren't needed. What I end up with 100% of the time, is a pure product made of plant based ingredients. It's awesome and mind-blowing that the earth provides all we need!

How do wellness and beauty go hand in hand in your daily life?

Every product I make for Lola Jane, is a product I use, my family uses and my friends keep coming back for. These products, save but a few, are specifically formulated with the highest quality essential oils. These oils are not only chosen for their scent, but more importantly, for their wellness properties.

All essential oils used in our formulas, support healthy skin, however, if you research essential oils, you'll find there are side benefits to each one, promoting total mind and body wellness. This is the heart of Lola Jane and our true passion. It's about total mind and body wellness by intentionally crafting great products. 

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