Muse Rituals: Channing Fransz

Muse Rituals: Channing Fransz

Muse Rituals: Channing Fransz

In this week's Muse Rituals, we venture into the life of new mother, wifey and beauty expert, Channing Fransz. A North County SD native, Channing is a local gal right near our beach dwellings here in Leucadia, CA. North County SD is a mecca for the wellness industry, natural beauty and is home to what some call, the yoga capital of the world, in Encinitas. So of course, we were curious to learn how Channing's journey to wellness came to be!

Before transitioning into a natural beauty lifestyle, Channing started out in the beauty industry after attending Empire Makeup Academy in 2004. From there she worked at MAC as a permanent and freelance artist for 8 years! No wonder her makeup looks impeccable in all of her photos. It was in 2006 though that her life changed after reading the book Organic Body Care Recipes by Stephanie Tourles, causing her to switch out her traditional beauty products for non-toxic products. In 2010 she received her esthetician's license, and currently loves researching and trying new clean non-toxic makeup, skincare, haircare, body care and nail polish along with clean non-toxic household products. 

You can find this beautiful moon mama (check out her arm tatoo below!) at @lovelikegold on Instagram. For now, let's see what secret skincare rituals Channing does on the daily...

Muse Rituals: Channing Fransz

What is your first ritual of the day? Making a cup of coffee, filling up all the diffusers around the house and watering my plants. Domesticated, with a capital D.

How do you stay beautiful from the inside out? I believe putting others before yourself keeps you humble, grounded and beautiful inside. I’ve worked in the beauty industry for over 14 years and investing in my clientele and community of co-workers has brought me so much joy. I love educating, helping and encouraging others. I believe authenticity in your gifts manifests beauty. It keeps you grounded in an industry that can rob you of so much joy if you aren’t careful.

What are your essential morning beauty rituals? Washing my face to wake me up. My go to right now is True Botanicals Hydrating Cleanser, Renew. I then follow with Mountain Rose Herbs frankincense hydrosol. Then finish up with 1 drop of frankincense essential oil in my Honua Aloha Youth Serum and massage it all over my face and décolleté. I love prepping my skin in the morning, even if I’m going to be home all day.

Favorite beauty product of all time? I’m a huge mascara fan and it has taken a lot of trial and error to find a good clean formulation. My current obsession is Lily Lolo’s Mascara. It’s buildable, which I love. I can get my lashes looking full and big without all the gross toxins lingering around my eyeballs.

Bath product you can’t live without? My dry brush. I know it’s not a product but I use it as much as possible before I shower. I love how it gets my circulation going and helps me wake up.

Kimono or comfy robe? As long as it has pockets I’m up for either.

Long hot bath or long hot shower? As a new mom this question sounds like a mini vacation. I’ll take both please.

Favorite essential oil? This is so hard. I’m a huge essential oil user so choosing just one is like asking a parent of 3 ‘who’s your favorite kid?’ If there’s one oil that I would suggest to everyone to have in their cabinet is frankincense. I love, LOVE, LOVE frankincense. It helps reduce skin discoloration and imperfections, it increases blood flow and circulation, reduces inflammation, improves memory and promotes relaxation. I mean this oil is everything. 

Natural purist or high-performance enthusiast when it comes to skincare? I’m a huge advocate of clean beauty that works, so I would say a natural purist that demands clean high-performance skincare!

Muse Rituals: Channing Fransz

Evening beauty rituals? Oil cleansing. It removes all the dirt, makeup and grime from the day.

Favorite Instagram style muse? I have been following Bri Emery from @designlovefest for about 6 years now. She’s so talented, inspiring and I absolutely love her style. 

Dream destination? My husband is half Dutch-Indonesian and we have been talking about going to Indonesia for ages. One day we’ll make it there, I just know it!

Bikini or one piece? One piece.

Jungle, beach or desert getaway? Beach getaway.

Beach bunny or water baby? Both. I love the water but I also love relaxing and taking walks on the beach.

If you could go back…60s, 70s, 80s or 90s? To the 90’s and tell my 15 year old self to stop tweezing my brows like Drew Barrymore's in Mad Love.

Favorite album or song? I listen to Sigur Ros’ album Takk non-stop while I work. It’s super ethereal and easy for me to focus on my work when I can’t understand the words, ha!

Tea or coffee? Coffee

Hiking or swimming? Swimming

What is the one ritual you can’t live without? Applying and diffusing essential oils. I use them all day, every day.

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