Muse Rituals: Kate Bello


A message from Kate, our founder...

I wanted to share my rituals with you this week since I just turned the grand old age of 38. Of course, those that know me know that I'm more 38 going on 25, ha. It's actually hard to believe I'm this age because I don't feel any different, other than my desires on how to spend my free time have changed since my 20s and early 30s.  When you're young this age seems so far away. Then you get here, it seems like no time has passed at all and you were turning 30 just yesterday.

As time goes on, and the older you grow, your mind plays tricks on you. On one hand, you feel more confident and care less about what others think, which is great. On the other, your mind or your ego, whatever you choose to call it, gives you the message that you're getting old. I am definitely not immune to that thinking even though I try my best to ignore it. I don't want my age to limit me and I know that someday, I will look back and realize how young 38 is!

Truly, like I said before, I don't feel any different than I did in my 20s. In fact, I feel healthier. I don't have the desire to go out and drink (although I do like a cocktail here and there!), and I've become more of a homebody over the years, but I'm still very much young at heart. My favorite things to do are go on bike rides with my boyfriend, go hiking, do yoga, go to the beach and watch the classic 80s movies that I grew up on. And of course, create luxurious beauty products. Simple, simple, simple!

The truth is I am very excited for this next stage of my life. As I've grown older, skincare rituals have become more and more important. I can see the improvement in my skin when I stay on top of my rituals. It's essential. So it's especially important to make your rituals a part of your daily life. 

I'm so excited for the road ahead for Salt & Ritual as well. Every day I'm dreaming up new things and we're currently focusing on minimalist luxe body products that I can't wait to share with you. Know that we have some amazing rituals in the works to make you feel like a queen in a dream. 

Xx Kate



What is your first ritual of the day? The very first thing I do when I get up is scrape my tongue with a copper tongue scraper from TruthPaste. It removes toxins and I don't feel clean without it. Then a large cup of lemon water to flush out my system.

How do you stay beautiful from the inside out? Lots of greens throughout the day. Starting with one our green packed smoothie recipes in our Glossy Skin Elixirs ebook, which I usually have for breakfast, plus I add in some spirulina powder (or make my Spirulina and Chocolate Chip Nice Cream). I try to drink plenty of water and eat foods that have a high water + nutrient content so I stay hydrated.

I also believe it’s not just what you put into your body, but what you don’t put in. I try to stay away from fried and junk foods because I think they can really damage your skin. Although I do allow myself to have treats now and again! I also try to stay away from the term, everything in moderation, ha. Moderation means something different to everyone. To some, moderation means every day, which adds up. I’ve gone through bouts where I’m very strict about what I eat and then I’ll be less careful, but I think if you’re trying to be healthy and keep your skin in good shape, it’s essential to eat well 95% of the time, while allowing yourself to indulge on the holidays or a weekend night. We all need a little indulgence occasionally.

What are your essential morning beauty rituals? I use our Babe-Face DIY recipes, so I start with the Honey-Love Cleanser and use the Golden Potion facial oil during the day. And of course sunscreen. I use Andalou Natural’s tinted moisturizer with a spf of 30.

Favorite beauty product of all time? Hmmm, it’s a toss up between Honey Love Cleanser and our Blue Dream Serum recipe. 

Bath product you can’t live without? A combo of dry brushing and a good salty body scrub.

Kimono or comfy robe? I LOVE Kimonos. If it was totally acceptable to wear a flowy kimono out in public with nothing underneath, I would do it every day. But there is something to be said about a comfy robe during chilly months.

Long hot bath or long hot shower? Nothing like hot shower.

Favorite essential oil? I really love geranium. It’s amazing for your skin and smells pretty too!

Natural purist or high-performance enthusiast when it comes to skincare? I’ve been a natural purist for 10 years now. However the older I get, the more I am looking for high-performance as well. Luckily, I’ve been able to find some natural ingredients over the years that do perform really well.


Evening beauty rituals? Right now, I use our Naked Face Makeup Remover recipe to remove my tinted moisturizer, then our Honey-Face Cleanser for a final gentle cleanse. Then I use two store bought products that are too difficult to make at home, plus I really love them; Herbivore Botanical’s Moon Fruit overnight treatment and a facial serum from LuxeBeauty that has hyaluronic acid and Coenzyme Q10. I’ve added these products into my routine for that extra help in keep my skin soft in my late 30s. Then I finish it off with my fave facial oil recipe, Blue Dream Serum.

Favorite Instagram style muse? I’m in love with Lucette Romy and Shihfen Gavala. I basically want to be them when I grow up!

Dream destination? Anywhere tropical and relaxing.

Bikini or one piece? I love some of the one pieces out right now, but I always seem to go for the bikinis.

Jungle, beach or desert getaway? Since I’ve grown up by the beach and have lived relatively close to the desert, I’m going to go with jungle.

Beach bunny or water baby? I would totally be a water baby if the water was warmer here in Cali, but I have to say I’m completely content soaking up the sun on the sand. So beach bunny.

If you could go back…60s, 70s, 80s or 90s? 70s. I was born in November of ’79 so I kinda feel like I’ve missed out on an epic decade. Plus I love the music.

Favorite album or song? Super random, but I love with all my heart Songs From the Big Chair by Tears for Fears. Good memories of my dad playing the casette over and over again. Amazing album.

Tea or coffee? I really like coffee, but it makes me a little crazy. So I try to stick with tea!

Favorite workout? Hiking hands down. Getting to be out in nature while working out is ideal for me. Yoga is a very close 2nd.

What is the one ritual you can’t live without? This is so hard, but I have to say using luxurious oils to moisturize.