Muse Rituals: Rachel Dance

Muse Rituals: Rachel Dance

Here at Salt & Ritual, we have an extreme fondess for the water and elements, natural coastline settings, dreamy sunsets and even stormy skies. Today we venture away from coast of Leucadia, San Diego to the coast of Toronto, Canada. Two totally different places, one a small beach town on the Pacific Ocean and the other a bustling international city on Lake Ontario...but with a couple of things in common. What brings s&r to our new muse? A love for natural beauty and of course, the beach. 

Our latest Muse Rituals features 21-year-old Canadian influencer, Rachel Dance, who lives among the hustle and bustle of Toronto, but enjoys escaping to hidden cafes to find quiet bliss and write. After having going through a painful bout with acne, she developed a passion for natural and healthy body, care and loves being there for people that need advice on the subject. 

"There was a time in my life that I had felt hopeless, I had broken out with severe cystic acne and my cure came in a fold up paper envelope, Accutane. It was a long eight months but it taught me a lot about myself and those who I was surrounded by. After I had finished Accutane I decided to switch to a natural lifestyle which turned out to be the best decision I had ever made."

We know there are many of use out there that have experienced something similar to Rachel. The good news is that these that though these painful experiences we often find the change that we need to make, and voila, sunshine ahead! 

You can learn more about her journey and beauty rituals through her Insta feed at @allbutrachel. And now, let's see which daily skincare rituals are her favorite...

Muse Rituals: Rachel Dance

What is your first ritual of the day? Putting on an old record and blasting the music so I can hear it at all ends of the house.

How do you stay beautiful from the inside out? A cup of green tea twice a day with collagen enhancement powder added to the mix. Also obsessed with my probiotics. 

What are your essential morning beauty rituals? As soon as I wake up I use a gentle exfoliator on my tired skin. Then dry brush my face which enhances cellular turnover and instantly brightens and tightens my (probably grumpy) morning face giving me a nice glow to start my day. After dry brushing I use an all natural toner and moisturize with squalene oil and hyaluronic acid. 

Favorite beauty product of all time? This is a hard one. Indie Lee’s COQ-10 Toner or her Blemish Lotion. I also can’t help but put Tata Harper's Under Eye Cream right up there as a favourite as well. 

Bath product you can’t live without? I don’t bathe often but I do love a good shower. I have to go with Basd Body Care invigorating coffee/mint body scrub.

Kimono or comfy robe? Silk kimono, a simple way for me to feel sexy. 

Long hot bath or long hot shower? Long lukewarm shower before bed, but I always love me a good cold shower. 

Favorite essential oil? Mint. Headache saviour and muscle relaxor. 

Natural purist or high-performance enthusiast when it comes to skincare? Natural purist with some exceptions. 

Muse Rituals: Rachel Dance

Evening beauty rituals? Province Apothecary's natural facelift ritual. An essential routine before I hit the hay. Following with a cup of Pukkas love tea.  

Favorite Instagram style muse? @local_milk. This is such an aesthetically pleasing Instagram account. It’s all about the art of slow living. It’s hard to stop and smell the roses but this feed is a nice reminder. 

Dream destination? Europe. Italy. Find my roots. 

Bikini or one piece? I love the Monday Swimwear one pieces.

Jungle, beach or desert getaway? Jungle! 

Beach bunny or water baby? Beach Bunny. Water is a great refresher. 

If you could go back…60s, 70s, 80s or 90s? 80’s, funky fashion trends. 

Favorite album or song? Fav song would be Woodpile by Frightened Rabbit. 

Tea or coffee? Tea all the way. 

Hiking or swimming? A long hike. 

What is the one ritual you can’t live without? Giving my boyfriend a kiss before we part for the day. Happy mind happy soul.