Muse Rituals: Taylor Nunes

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Discovering Beauty Rituals with Taylor Nunes

It's fitting that Taylor Nunes is the first featured influencer of our new Muse Rituals series. A mysterious combination of earthy beauty and vintage style, she embodies what we're all about here at s&r: natural minimal-luxe self-care and a free-spirited mentality.

We discovered Taylor thanks to the talented photographer Lovici Visuals, who captures her in these gorgeous photos and lots more you can find on her Instagram account at @naylnunez. The ocean state model/influencer has a love for the sea and the outdoors, which we immediately connected with, plus we definitely don't mind living vicariously through her adventures via her Insta feed. When we caught up with Taylor for this interview, she told us whether her travels take her on a trip to Ireland or motorcycle rides here in her new home near us in San Diego, CA , she can't forget her North East roots in Newport, RI, throughout her journeys.

In this first Muse Rituals feature, Taylor gives us a glimpse of her daily skincare and wellness rituals, which of course, we were dying to know! Read on to see how this brunette beauty stays gorgeous day in and day out.

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What is your first ritual of the day? Large cup of water.  

How do you stay beautiful from the inside out? I take care of my insides so I can fee beautiful on the outside. It's important to me to know what types of food I am putting into my body. I do not eat meat, and I try to stay away from junk food. 

What are your essential morning beauty rituals? Applying my anti-aging skin care line, this product has sunscreen in the formula. It is very important to me to protect my skin so I can look natural because I don't like to wear much makeup. 

Favorite beauty product of all time? Arbonne: which is an all natural/vegan skin care line from Switzerland. 

Bath product you can’t live without? Coconut oil, I put it on my entire body (except my face) during every shower. My boyfriend could live without the slippery bathtub floor I leave behind but I can't ! Haha.

Kimono or comfy robe? Kimono, a girls godda feel sexy even at home by myself! 

Long hot bath or long hot shower? Long verrrrry hot shower. 

Favorite essential oil? Citrus bliss by DoTerra, or peppermint for my feet. :)

Natural purist or high-performance enthusiast when it comes to skincare?Natural purist: I'm very careful with what I put in or on my body! Deodorant can be a tough one, it's hard to find a natural deodorant that works well with your body. But keep trying if you haven't found the one, it's worth it!

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Evening beauty rituals? I always shower before bed, spray in my 7 second leave in conditioner by Unite, apply my night cream to my face and neck by Arbonne, make some decaf green tea, brush & floss my teeth. I also have a copper tongue scraper (I discovered this a year ago) you scrape over the top of your tongue to remove any germs. Germs do not attach to copper so I've noticed I do not get colds as often since using this. And then slide into bed with my kitty, Otto

Favorite Instagram style muse? I've recently learned to ride a motorcycle and have fallin' in love with it so I enjoy those types of Gritty/rustic accounts. I also enjoy a western style! 

Dream destination? South Africa

Bikini or one piece? Bikini, I tan very easily, too easily for a one piece tan line lol.

Jungle, beach or desert getaway? Beach. I grew up by the ocean in Rhode Island, and moved to beautiful Oceanside, CA,  I find peace by the water so that's an ideal getaway for me wherever I can find more of that. 

Beach bunny or water baby? Water baby!! One of my favorite things is spending the day in the salty ocean and then coming home to a hot shower. 

If you could go back…60s, 70s, 80s or 90s? 90s. I miss the spice girls, butterfly clips, and having no responsibilities. '91 baby!

Favorite album or song? Jackpot By Nikki Lane. 

Tea or coffee? I have a green tea a day for health reasons but If I had to choose it would be coffee! 

Hiking or swimming? Swimming. 

What is the one ritual you can’t live without? Working out to sweat out all of this worlds craziness and clear my mind.