My Daily Wellness Routine

Creating a daily wellness routine has been something I've unconsciously done over the years.  I'd learn something new and think, I should do this every day.  And then slowly I have accumulated an entire checklist of things that I do daily.  Do I always accomplish this?  Hell no.  But it certainly has helped me for the most part stay on track.  And part of my routine is not beating myself up if I happen to forget something or run out of time.

What I Do For My Daily Wellness Routine

Basically your wellness routine can be anything you want, but I'll highlight some of the things I do for mine to give you some ideas.  Also included in my routine are things I try not to do.  For example, I try (because I don't always succeed) not to look at my iphone first thing in the morning while I'm still in bed.  I'll get into the "why" in a bit.

The morning to me is the most important part of my routine.  It sets the tone for the whole day.  If I'm cranky and stressed first thing in the morning, you can bet, chances are it will carry on throughout the rest of the day for me.  Sooo a huge part of that is not looking at my phone when I first wake up.  That means not checking emails or social media or the news.  Why?  Because it's freakin info overload.  Think about it, how many different apps do you check first thing?  For me, it's about five or six, then I recheck them minutes later.  Sometimes I feel like a rat in a science experiment that keeps on pushing a lever for the next little bit of food.  Except I'm addicted to information.  And what this does, at least to me, is makes me a bit anxious...which sucks.

So I stay clear of the cel phone and laptop.  Instead, I relax in bed for a couple of minutes to try to wake up...naturally.  I do a little yoga, lie on my foam roller and do a couple of exercises.  I set the timer on my phone for three minutes for each exercise and it usually comes out to about a total of 20 to 30 minutes.  

My Daily Wellness Routine. Just started doing a daily wellness routine and I’m so glad I read this article because it’s given me lots of great ideas. Especially trying to stay away from my cel phone early in the morning and late at night. Not easy! But I already see a difference in the way I feel.

At this point, I try to also do oil pulling which seems to be all the rage these days.  I personally haven't noticed anything different since doing it, but that's not to say nothing is.  I do know that coconut oil is naturally anti-bacterial and is supposedly great for your gums.  And my gums could always use some extra love, so I do this for about three to five minutes.

After I make my morning drink, I usually drink it while spacing out for awhile.  Don't laugh!  It's true and it's nice to just do nothing.  Think about it.  How much time of the day is spent looking at our phones, constantly doing something?  Spacing out and doing nothing is important as far as just letting our bodies and minds reset.  If I'm feeling extra motivated I'll meditate.  But I've found for myself, just drinking a nice hot cup of goodness in the morning and doing just that for a bit, makes me happy and sometimes I don't want to put extra pressure on myself.  I have enough of that throughout my day already.

A couple of other things I try to do every morning on the beauty side are give myself a mini scalp massage (supposedly it helps your hair grow faster which would be awesome!).  In addition to that I have myself a mini face massage with coconut oil which I highly recommend.  I usually dry brush as well before my shower.  And after I shower I always apply coconut oil instead of lotion.

For breakfast, almost every day if possible, I have a smoothie.  I so look forward to my morning smoothies, it's kind of silly.  But it's like having dessert in the morning and it's healthy, so yeah, it's one of the many highlights of my day.  The smoothies change, but some ingredients remain the same such as cocao nibs (cause I'm addicted to chocolate), ground chia seeds, some sort of protein powder (usually hemp) and a green powder (I usually use Greener Grasses from Health Force).  I blend that with frozen berries and sometimes banana or even baked sweet potato.  I also use either organic almond milk, coconut water or filtered water.  Then I space out while I eat that as well ;)

Then throughout the day I try to keep moving somehow which is difficult.  I work on my computer a lot and sometimes it take enormous motivation to remove my eyes from the screen and walk around a bit.  This is something I need to do more of for sure.  

I do try to workout every day if possible, doing either yoga or walking (at least 30 minutes) and lately, I've been hula hooping which is an amazing workout.

As far as food, I really try to have greens every day, usually with a batch of whole grains that I've made earlier in the week.  The food I make is pretty simple, whole grains, lots of veggies and a protein, mainly eggs and fish, sometimes chicken.  To be honest, I don't get too crazy with food.  I'm one of those weird people that's okay with eating similar types of food every day.  I find straying from that is when it becomes difficult to stay with a healthy meal plan.  I save the more elaborate meals for eating out.

1000 words later and you have the basics of my routine.  My advice  for creating your own daily wellness routine would be to keep it simple and do things that make you feel at peace.  Peace of mind is a huge part of wellness.  In my experience they tend to go hand in hand. If you do one, chances are you will experience the other.

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