My Ultimate Morning Smoothie

To me there is nothing better than a smoothie in the morning.  I have to have it.  While usually I just throw in whatever it is that I have on hand, this past week I happened to create the most delicious smoothie ever by accident.  I don't know what else to name it besides the Ultimate Morning Smoothie which is heavy on the cheese factor, but so be it.

Ultimate Morning Smoothie Recipe. Love this super yummy recipe. Adding it to my smoothie recipe collection.


Sounds like a hot mess, but turns into something magical.


Throw in a blender and blend until it has a smoothie consistency.  I'm weird and like mine thick, almost like soft serve ice cream and I eat it with a spoon.  For a thinner consistency to drink, just add more almond milk or even water.

As far as blenders I use the Vitamix Professional Series 200 and I love it.  I freakin love it.  Highly recommend getting a high powered blender such as the Vitamix (I've also heard from friends that the Ninja is really good too) because it blends quick and can handle a lot of ingredients.  I've gone through my fair share of crappy blenders that have broken down on me and I think it's well worth the money to buy a reliable blender.  Especially if you're going to use it every day.  Feel free to email me with any questions about the Vitamix!

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