Raw Brazil Nut and Date Butter Recipe

Warning.  If you make this, you run the risk of wanting to eat the entire batch right afterwards. This is unbelievably tasty and it's so damn easy to make, well, you may never need candy again. And the best part is it's just two raw ingredients: brazil nuts and dates.

Raw Brazil Nut and Date Butter Recipe. This is so freakin easy to make with literally two ingredients. And it tastes so amazing I can’t even tell you.

How to Make Raw Brazil Nut and Date Butter

Here's how you make it:  

  1. Throw about a handful and a half of brazil nuts into a food processor (I use Cuisineart...I suppose a blender may work as well, but I recommend a heavy duty one like Vitamix or else you run the risk of breaking your blender) and about 4-6 dates.  Your measurements do not need to precise, this is a casual sort of recipe, if you will.  
  2. Blend or process for a good amount of time, until it starts to have the texture of a paste.  Once you're about there, taste it to see if it needs another date or two.  Chances are it will be plenty sweet already since dates pretty much taste like sugar.
  3. If it's still chunky, keep blending, but if it's already like a paste, you're good to go.  That's your butter!

You can use it in smoothies, spread it on toast or fruit.  Or you could just do like I do and eat it straight from the food processor.  

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