Red Alaea Salt Soak DIY

Can't wait to try this salt soak DIY! I've never heard of red alaea salt from Hawaii, but I'm super excited to try it.

Salt Series: Hawaiian Red Alaea Salt

Number two in the salt series is a Red Alaea salt soak. Like the Black Lava salt (check out the first in the series, Hawaiian Black Lava Salt Foot Soak with activated charcoal), this is another epicurean salt from my one of my favorite stores for DIY beauty, Mountain Rose Herbs. Red Alaea is native to the Hawaiian islands and since I'm on a little tropical kick for summer, I had to create a salt soak DIY for this beautiful red-copper salt!

Can't wait to try this salt soak DIY! I've never heard of red alaea salt from Hawaii, but I'm super excited to try it.

The Benefits of Red Alaea Salt

From MRH:

Red Alaea has been the traditional salt used on the Hawaiian islands to season and preserve most of the inhabitants’ foods, and its mesmerizing color, bold flavor, and signature taste profile make it a favorite of countless chefs around the world. It has a gorgeous deep red color because this salt is created through natural evaporation when it is trapped in tidal pools and mixes with red volcanic clay. The red color itself comes from the extremely high amount of iron in the clay. The salt is said to contain 80 different naturally occurring minerals.

Because of Red Alaea's high mineral content, this is a great salt to use for bath soaks as an alternative to epsom salt. Personally, I love to switch it up and try something new. It has a warm rich and salty scent, which is why I mixed it with carrot seed and benzoin essential oils for a deep comforting soak. In case you're not familiar with benzoin, it smells like chocolate.

Also from MRH, Red Alaea salt is gaining popularity as a topping for chocolate desserts and ice cream.

Does it all make sense now?

And yes, some sort of vegan chocolate treat with a dash of Red Alaea salt will be happening soon.

Can't wait to try this salt soak DIY! I've never heard of red alaea salt from Hawaii, but I'm super excited to try it.

Red Alaea Salt Soak DIY



  1. Mix ingredients in a large bowl.
  2. Pour mixture into a glass pantry jar or mason jar for storage.
  3. Put 1/2 cup of salt mixture into a warm to hot bath and enjoy.
  4. Store remainder of salt soak in a cool dry place.

Note: I always sterilize my glass storage jars before using them for any DIY beauty project to help prevent bacteria from forming. Simply bring a pot of water to a boil, place the glass jar inside and let it boil for about five minutes. Remove the glass container and let it air dry and cool down completely before using.

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