Talking Clean Beauty with Jen James of Bubblehead Bath Co

Continuing my highlights on natural skincare companies you should check out! Last interview was with Melissa Simons of Mr. B's Necessities. Next up is Jen from Bubblehead Bath Co!

I came across Bubblehead Bath Co on Instagram when I was searching for simple and clean natural beauty companies to partner with for the Free Clean Beauty Challenge. I was looking to give participants who were interested in clean beauty, but not necessarily DIY beauty, a few product options for the challenge.

I was intrigued by the fact that the products were handcrafted with a few simple, yet effective ingredients. After doing a bit of research on Bubblehead, I contacted them and luckily Jen James, the owner and creator, was kind enough to send me some products to test out...

I was especially intrigued by the Matte Tilda Mattefying cream, which I couldn't wait to try. Turns out I'm enamored with all three products; Olive Your Face Cold Cream, Sweet Cheeks Moisturizer and the Matte Tilda Mattefying cream.

There are great alternatives if you're looking to switch to clean skincare routine, but don't want to have to make your own recipes. All three left my skin feeling so soft and hydrated. Plus I had never used a cold cream before and loved the moisturizing sensation of it.

I find it incredibly fascinating to hear the background of developers of natural skincare lines. Everyone has a different story, a reason they switched to natural beauty at some point. Jen is no exception and her background is especially interesting. Read on!

How did you become interested in natural skincare and what is your background in holistic beauty?

These days, I think many of us are becoming more aware of manufacturing processes and what goes into what we consume. In general, my family has tried to make more conscious choices, in the last ten years about food and energy, and it only seemed natural to take a second look at what I was putting on our skin. 

I am not from the beauty world (quite the opposite, I'm kind of a tom boy), but I have a background in wine science and there was a lot of overlap in the properties of other plant oils and that of grapes. I was able to apply a lot of what I already knew to this new project and the results have been incredible.

How did your skincare line, Bubblehead Bath Co, come about?

Both of my daughters were born with severe eczema and difficult-to-treat skin issues. A subtle change in laundry detergent or bath wash would give our eldest hives and our youngest would scratch her skin until it was raw. Looming out in the distance was the option of steroids and I was determined to find a different solution.

I called my company "Bubble Head," because, culturally, we refer to people with specialized or technical interests as "heads" of their hobby/study/interest (ie, Sneaker Heads, Gear Heads) and, during the time, after my children were in bed, I'd sit up poring over books on skincare and information on plant oils and mixing test batches. I would craft each item to meet very specific standards of lather, bead, slip, creaminess and so forth until I'd reached the exact effect I imagined.

The Mud Bar, for example, was designed to be an ultra-gentle cleanser with light exfoliation and a shea butter balm to protect delicate skin while toweling off. I only test my products on myself, so I tried it on my face and in one wash my terrible, stuck-in acne began clearing. There wasn't a Biore strip or a medicated wash that could touch me up to then, and in the past year I've had no major breakouts. 

It was too good not to share, so I gave it to friends and the demand was there, right away, along with myriad of glowing reviews and Bubble Head was in business. 

I absolutely love your Sweet Cheeks Moisturizer and Matte Tilda Mattefying Cream. What is the inspiration behind your creations for Bubblehead Bath Co?

First, thank you, so much. Those moisturizers have been fan favorites and they've done wonders for my skin. The Matte Tilda has given me my life back, because I don't feel like I need to fuss with matte foundation every time I need to run out.

All of my products were made to respond to common skin issues. I began with the Mud Bar,  but it needed a moisturizer. So, I made Sweet Cheeks, a three-step conditioner make of grape seed oil, olive oil, and natural humectants, so it moisturizes continually after it is dry and up to the next wash.

Shortly thereafter, I added Olive Your Face, a cream cleanser, that breaks up dirt, oil and makeup, but also moisturizes while it cleans, for dry skin. And Matte Tilda to keep away shine on bare-faced "breathe" days. 

At the moment, I have six products that act as a sort of tool kit working in concert to address acne, dryness, inflammation, eczema and, in some cases, psoriasis with each playing a specific role in moisturizing, exfoliating, cleansing or conditioning. 

What are two things that people can do today to take care of their skin naturally?

Keeping it clean and moisturized is essential. So many tiny problems can be avoided by routine washing, not letting makeup or dirt sit too long, like aggravated acne, pronounced fine lines and and dilated pores. 

Also, exfoliate. Life's too short to carry around dull, dead skin. Slough it off with a dry brush or a creamy scrub and enjoy your glow.

What’s your favorite natural beauty tip of all time?

I had a dermatologist tell me to use moisturizer in the first three minutes after a shower/washing. Your skin is more receptive to it and you get more for your money, product-wise. This has changed my life. My skin is brighter, plumper, softer and looks better under makeup. I'm also prone to those rotten, red bumps on the backs of my forearms and using my body lotion, Cream Puff, right after a shower has nearly vanquished it.

How do wellness and beauty go hand in hand in your daily life?

The truth is they go together in all of our daily lives. We're each little ecosystems and our own intricate biospheres. Diet, exercise, sleep, skin/hair/nail care and stress levels all add up and if we neglect these elements of care and sustenance, it shows outwardly on the organ that holds us together: our skin.

We're all so busy, but I try to prioritize self-care as an investment in my appearance over the next days. I'm probably preaching to the choir, but a satisfying yoga session, some collard greens on those sweet potatoes and a good night's sleep are medicine for your skin. Take that one to the bank. 

Shop Bubblehead Bath Co here.

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