5 Must-Do Summer Rituals for Glowing Skin

Summer is literally right around the corner. My favorite time of the year conjures up a desire to run around half naked while eating banana nicecream and vegan tacos, and taking photos of my boyfriend surfing and my little kitty, Kleo, lounging in the sunshine. I am really looking forward to this summer.

To get prepared, I always have to go back to my summer beauty rituals for a natural glowing look. They’re not difficult or complicated. They are tried and true and tested.  And they will leave you feeling like a million bucks.

5 Must-Do Summer Rituals for Glowing Skin. Love these summer rituals based in natural beauty. Super easy, definitely doing these this summer. So inspiring!

My Favorite Summer Rituals For Glowing Skin   

  1. Get a good quality natural sunscreen. I personally have a love-hate relationship with sunscreen. I think a good natural based sunscreen is essential for spending long days in the sun, however I would advise against just grabbing anything off the shelves at the drugstore. I don’t think there’s a coincidence between the rise of skin cancer and the use of chemical ridden sunscreens. So please be careful with what you put on your skin in the sun. Doesn’t the idea of the sun baking chemicals into your skin sound terrifying? It’s up to us to do our homework. My very favorite facial sunscreen is Andalou Naturals in Sheer Tan SPF 30, I actually use it as a foundation. If you're looking for DIY facial sunscreen, try this recipe. For body sunscreen, I make my Shea Butter Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide recipe. With any sunscreen, just remember to reapply often. 
  2. Wear a wide brim hat. I admit that I am not great about wearing a hat out for a long day in the sun. I think it’s because I have a small head. Don’t laugh! It’s true. Hats look enormous on me. Baseball caps look silly on me.  But the older I get, the more I realize, I need to get over my hat phobia and buy a good quality hat with a wide brim.
  3. Eat a lot of veggies and fruit to tan your skin. You’re probably thinking to yourself…what in the heck is she talking about. But I truly believe what we eat affects our skin because I’ve seen it first hand in myself. When I was much younger, way way back in the 90s when I was in high school, I ate horribly. I don’t even think I drank water or ate anything green for years. I’m not kidding! The short story is I got sick, thankfully, because it forced me to change my life for the better. But prior to that when I all I ate was junk food, I got sunburned so easily, it was ridicules. It would drive me crazy. After I really began to take my health seriously by changing my diet and you’re not going to believe this, actually drinking water, ha, I started to tan. These days, it’s rare that I get a bad sunburn. Although I’m still pretty pale in the winter, I get a good golden tan in the summer now without any issues. I’m convinced it’s because of a healthy diet.
  4. Hot Vinayasa Yoga. Nothing has transformed my body like yoga. I’m not the most athletic person, but yoga is my one workout vice. I personally love hot power yoga because it completely toned my body. Before yoga, I was still skinny because I watched what I ate, but was not exactly toned. I had given up on the gym because I felt when I worked with weights it bulked up on my arms, which looked silly on my petite frame. It took me years to actually give yoga a real chance, but once I gave in, it was the best workout for my body and my mind. I swear, if you mix hot power yoga with a healthy plant-based low fat diet, and you’ll get that bikini body you’ve been wanting.
  5. Spend Time Outside. This might not sound like a beauty ritual, but it is. Especially for those of us stuck on a computer for most of the day. Try your best to get outside for some fresh air and a walk. Dig your feet into the grass, dirt or if you’re close to the beach, the sand and be aware of how amazing it feels. Spend some time in the sun each day for your Vitamin D. Bottom line, if you feel good and relaxed in nature, it will benefit your insides and keep you glowing on the outside.

As you can see, creating summer beauty rituals is pretty easy. All it takes is a little effort, but once you try them, you’ll be hooked. So remember;  get a good natural sunscreen, wear a hat, eat veggies and fruit, do some yoga and play outside. That’s it. You’ll be enjoying summer in no time with glowing skin, and I’m telling you, you’ll feel like a million bucks.

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