The Awesome Truth Behind Natural Toothpaste TruthPaste

Why TruthPaste?

As much as I love making my own skincare products, there are certain things that I just haven't had the time to research. I'm a busy woman just like most of my readers. I like things simple and effective, and the more complicated items seem to fall to the wayside. Like toothpaste and deodorant that really need some research done behind the scenes in my experience to really work.

Toothpaste might not seem complicated and some claim they've made effective DIY toothpastes that work well. But all the back and forth about of what I've read on the internet about what is good for teeth and what isn't has left me slightly confused when it comes to making DIY toothpaste. 

And just like I was so excited to find some natural deodorant products that really work well, I think I've found my go-to natural toothpaste with TruthPaste

Their awesome details below...

What's the Truth Behind TruthPaste?

I like many of you who read this blog have read about the dangers of fluoride to our health. And with most commercial toothpastes, the first thing they flaunt is the fact that they have fluoride! So I've been staying away from commercial toothpastes for a long time. But I haven't yet been able to find a natural toothpaste I completely trust. The ones I've bought over the years always have had a list of ingredients that sounded like chemicals that left me wary.

When I found TruthPaste on Instagram, I asked them if they wanted to be part of the Free Clean Beauty Challenge and they were so sweet in sending me some of their toothpaste and a copper tongue scraper that I LOVE. (Can't live without a tongue scrapper these days!)

Below is what I've been looking for with other natural toothpastes and I've finally found it with TruthPaste. From their site:

"TruthPaste is completely free of fluoride, glycerine, sulfates, titanium dioxide, dye, animal products, gluten, industrial chemical, foaming agents or Pharmaceutical. 

Fresh, cold pressed Organic Sesame Oil and edible grade bentonite clay create a luxurious, creamy and exfoliant delivery of potent organic and wild-crafted essential oils: Turmeric, Tulsi, Neem, Frankincense, Myrrh, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Spearmint, Rosemary, Lemon, Orange and Tea Tree.

Made with Love in California. Artisan crafted in small batches from the world’s most pure ingredients and formulated by leading researchers in ethnopharmacology and biophysics. Other toothpaste can be manufactured in large facilities overseas and are chock full of sweetener, industrial chemical, pharmaceutical and more. TruthPaste has been handcrafted with the utmost intention and care."

Um yeah...can TruthPaste be any more up my alley?

My Experience With TruthPaste

I was super excited to receive my package from TruthPaste. I really like the fact that their toothpaste is in a jar because I hate dealing the end of toothpaste tubes, right? It's so annoying. With this I just scoop my toothbrush in the jar and the toothpaste easily sticks to my brush. No more squeezing tubes to get that last bit of toothpaste.

You don't need a lot on your brush, in fact, it seems to work better when there's not a lot on there. The toothpaste has a slick feeling to it that left my teeth feeling super clean and smooth after brushing. And it's minty, but not an overpowering minty flavor like most commercial toothpastes.

I love the fact that they're product is truly all natural. Here is a list of their ingredients: 

*Organic Sesame Oil, Calcium Montmorillonite Clay, Water, Xylitol, Colloidal Silver, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Essential Oils of *Peppermint, *Turmeric, *Cinnamon, *Clove, *Tulsi, *Winter-Green, *Frankincense, *Neem, *Myrrh, *Lemon, *Orange, *Spearmint, *Tea Tree, *Rosemary, Vitamin E Oil; *Organic Ingredients

Finally, a natural toothpaste that works well and is exactly what they promote. And I have to say I really love their copper tongue scrapper. Once you've started using a tongue scrapper first thing in the morning, you can never go back to not using one.

Two thumbs up for TruthPaste in my book.

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