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Babe-Face DIY Skincare Starter Kit Testimnials


I found this guide to be very helpful when attempting to start a DIY natural skincare routine. It was nice to have recipes for a number of products in one place and even have links to purchase the ingredients. The guide does everything but make the products for you! The recipes are simple, easy to make and are effective.



Honey-Face Cleanser is amazing! Never thought something so basic and humble like honey would clean my face better than every commercial product I've tried. Smells lovely, works beautifully-gently exfoliates but never dries my skin.

- Amy


The Naked Face Foundation Remover is incredible! Tried so many other products (home made and purchased) that would not completely remove my mineral makeup foundation. This formula is great and leaves my skin soft. It's my favorite of the recipes so far. I make a new batch every few weeks and keep refrigerated.

- Sonia


I'm so glad I got the Babe-Face DIY Skincare Starter Kit. The Blue Dream Serum has been amazing on my skin. I wish I had taken a before and after when I started using the Babe-Lift Toner. It's vanishing my acne scars.

I started getting really bad acne in middle school, and because I was impatient and didn't know any better, I just covered it with makeup and used harsh products. For years I used a lot of products with salicylic acid and benzoil peroxide, and although that can help with acne, it ended up causing dryness and more breakouts.  I stopped using heavy products after I had an allergic reaction to using too much benzoil peroxide and my face got red and swollen.  After that day, I decided that I would try more natural products.

I've used a lot of products that have worked, from tea tree oil face wash to Korean products.  The Babe Face DIY Skincare Starter Kit was the first time I truly used all natural products.  I was iffy about it at first because I have super oily skin, and I was scared to put essential oils on my face.

The Babe Face Starter Kit explains it all, which really helped. It explained how each oil was beneficial and you're diluting them with a carrier oil so your skin doesn't get irritated.

Honey Face Cleanser- I have to admit, I didn't want to believe that honey would clean my face, specially because there are no suds! But this cleanser made my face incredibly soft, clean, and hydrated. It wasn't harsh and drying like most cleansers, and a little goes a long way.  Because honey has antibacterial properties, just the cleanser alone helps clear up acne.

Facial Scrub- I've used walnut scrubs before, but this is ALL walnut, not like store bought scrubs that only have a small amount. Because the walnut particles aren't perfectly round, it could cause a little irritation if you're crazy aggressive when you apply it. But if you're gentle and use a small amount, your skin will feel SO smooth. I've never had a scrub work this well, and on weeks when my skin feels a little sensitive, I'll mix it with a little jojoba oil to make it more gentle. Another plus is that it's more environmentally friendly than the face scrubs that have the little plastic beads.

Cocoa Glow Facial Mask- I could eat this. I think I did eat it. What I liked most about it is that it's gentle enough to use more than once a week. It really does give your skin a nice glow after.

Naked Face Foundation- Double cleansing is SUPER important, and the fact that you get two cleanser recipes shows you they know their stuff. I love this cleanser because the clay in it really soaks up all the makeup and oil on your face. 

Babe Lift Toner- This toner is a life saver. On days where I breakout really bad (yay hormones!) I use it twice a day and really brings down redness of my breakouts and makes them go away after a few days.  It's strange to use a toner that is all oil, but it's a matter of knowing how much to use.

Blue Dream Serum- Don't wait till you have wrinkles to use anti-aging products! This one is awesome because it's all natural, and honestly, I think it's just as good as that fancy Luna nighttime oil. I use a few drops after I wash my face, and in the morning my face is nice and smooth, and the oil has absorbed into my skin by then so I don't look like glazed donut. 

Golden Potion Moisturizer- Moisturizing when you have oily skin was a weird concept to me when I was younger, but it's super important. It's so hard to find a god moisturizer, it's trial and error trying to find one that is not too heavy or not moisturizing enough. This moisturizer is perfect, and all I have to do is apply more or less depending on how my skin feels. I wear maybe four drops in the summer, and a little more in the winter when my skin tends to get really dry. This is really great for any body part that needs a little moisture too.

Liquid Gold eye makeup remover- This removes my eye makeup really well, without irritating my eyes.

It seems like a huge task to buy things in bulk to make these oils and cleansers, but in the long run you get more because you don't have to use a lot of product, and you can make more when you run out as opposed to spending over twenty dollars getting new cleansers and moisturizers. What I love the most about this kit is that I can tailor it to what my skin needs. I can use more or less of a product if my skin is oily or dry, and I can dilute them with one of the carrier oils if the essential oils are too intense for my skin. So far I've had no problems and my skin has improved.