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About Salt & Ritual

Salt & Ritual is a minimal-luxe skincare & bath house brand focusing on natural ingredients inspired by the elements.

Lovers of simple luxury, we have a healthy obsession with naturally glowing skin, exotic locations, sexy loungewear and bikinis. 

We are excited to announce our new bath & beauty product line will be arriving in 2018.


s&r Origins

The origins of s&r started in DIY beauty. Founder Kate Bello transitioned to a natural beauty routine in 2007 after using a simple honey face wash. From there she created various homemade beauty potions and skin elixirs for her daily routine. In 2012 she created blog successful beauty blog, Bohemian Kate, as well as has developed, wrote and photographed numerous recipes and articles for magazines Willow & Sage, Thoughtfully and Somerset.

After years of creating DIY beauty recipes for her blog and print publications, Salt & Ritual was born in 2016 with a focus on luxurious and minimalistic natural beauty.