About Salt & Ritual

Founded by Kate Bello, Salt & Ritual aims to make DIY skincare not only luxurious, but fun. Inspired by the beach, the sun, music, nostalgia, bikinis and pure eco friendly ingredients, we create DIY beauty collections to teach natural babes how to make their own skincare products and glow from the inside out with healthy rituals.

Our Story    Our Founder

Salt & Ritual was started in a little shack on the coast in the funky beach town of Leucadia, CA. After writing about natural DIY beauty for almost 10 years for her own blogs and various print publications, Kate wanted to share a modern "how to" guide to DIY skincare. 

So, with years of personal experience in testing out ingredients and recipes, plus feedback from Salt & Ritual's Free Clean Beauty Challenge participants, Kate wrote the beauty guide, The Babe-Face DIY Skincare Starter Kit, to teach babes how to transition to a completely natural DIY skincare routine.

Salt & Ritual is more than just DIY recipes and beauty collections. We are a lifestyle brand centered around beach living mixed with natural beauty. In our world, they go hand in hand.

We focus on collections of recipes that work together to make your skin glow, fun beauty tips at Babe Cove and building a community around our #cultofbabes. 

Around these parts we love a good sense of humor, a luxurious beauty recipe and a killer bikini. Can you dig it?

Learn more about our founder Kate's story below.

Our Founder

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Hey there. My name is Kate. Welcome to our little natural beauty cult here at Salt & Ritual...

A little about me.

I came of age on the coast in Ventura, CA back in the heydays of the 80s and 90s. I have an obsession with bikinis, the beach and homemade beauty potions. I'm a health nut that also loves a good margarita, an excellent soundtrack to daily life and sense of humor = meaning, I don't think life should be taken too seriously. And I believe DIY beauty and wellness should be fun

You can find more DIY beauty recipes of mine in the publications of Willow & Sage, Thoughtfully Magazine and Somerset Life.

I currently live with my boyfriend and kitty in a little shack by the beach just north of San Diego. It's in this little beach shack is where I come up with beauty recipes to share with our cult of natural babes...like you.

Trust me, we're probably a lot alike.

I spent my teenage years and most of my 20s trying to find the perfect beauty products for my skin. Let's be honest! There was nothing clean or natural about my skincare routine back then and the result was that I never achieved the type of skin that I wanted; clear, soft and glowing.

One day, way back in 2007 as I was browsing through beauty products at the local drug store, I had a nagging feeling that wouldn't leave me alone. What was the point of buying yet another skincare product that wasn't going to work? Right? I was annoyed at myself for repeating the same cycle over and over again that left way more to be desired.

For some reason at that moment, my gut told me to check out the ingredients on the back label of the product I was looking at. So I did and couldn't understand 90 percent of them. Which left me confused, concerned and feeling kinda duped by these mainstream beauty companies.

If you're on this site, reading this, you've probably experienced the same thing.

That was the day when I realized that I had willingly for all of these years been putting a bunch of nasty chemicals on my skin day in and out. That these chemicals were being absorbed into my body and doing who knows what. 

This epiphany changed everything. 

It didn't just change what I used as beauty products. It changed what I ate, the products I used to clean, the companies I bought from...basically how I lived my life.

My DIY Beauty Gateway Drug 

That epiphany led to a natural beauty research binge. And somewhere along the line I found the idea to wash my face with raw honey. I tried it and it worked better than any facial cleanser I had used before.

Which led to experimenting with other DIY skincare creations.

Currently I have been using my own homemade skincare products over the last 10 years. Now at age 37 I have the skin that I had always wanted when I was younger.

Here's the bottom line.

Do you want to transition to a natural beauty routine, but don't know where to start? Babe, I got you.

I have tried some great natural beauty products during this time, but I always come back to my personal DIY skincare routine. I've found an amazing blend of ingredients after experimenting for the last 10 years that work for all skin types. My routine is super simple, easy to make, saves money in the long run and I can alter it if I want to without having to buy yet another expensive product.

Our philosophy is the old saying:

"Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime."

Want to  learn more about natural beauty and living this lifestyle? Check out our informational DIY beauty collections which teach you how to create your own products as well as achieve beauty from the inside out.

Questions about our products or natural beauty in general? Contact us here.

Xo Kate Bello