Babe-Face DIY Skincare Starter Kit Testimonials & Love Letters

I found this guide to be very helpful when attempting to start a DIY natural skincare routine. It was nice to have recipes for a number of products in one place and even have links to purchase the ingredients. The guide does everything but make the products for you! The recipes are simple, easy to make and are effective.


Honey-Face cleanser is amazing! Never thought something so basic and humble like honey would clean my face better than every commercial product I've tried. Smells lovely, works beautifully-gently exfoliates but never dries my skin.

- Amy

The foundation remover is incredible! Tried so many other products (home made and purchased) that would not completely remove my mineral makeup foundation. This formula is great and leaves my skin soft. It's my favorite of the recipes so far. I make a new batch every few weeks and keep refrigerated.

- Sonia

I'm so glad I got the starter kit. The Blue Dream Serum has been amazing on my skin.I wish I had taken a before and after when I started using the Babe-Lift Toner. It's vanishing my acne scars.

- Michelle