Salt & Ritual



The cult of naturally glowing babes. We're a feisty bunch.


Meet the Cult.

Our spirit animal is Phoebe Cates from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. We have a thing for California boys and/or beach bred stud-muffins in general.

We believe there are 3 main uses for salt; scrubs, soaks and margaritas.

Don't deny us our love for new wave music or Steely Dan while we're making our concoctions. We can get sassy.

We have a thing for nostalgia. Sometimes, too much of a thing.

We are a big believer in freedom of expression for all babes. And with that comes responsibility. Being friendly to the environment and your health is a righteous babe act.

Our vice is luxury that we can create ourselves.

Favorite quote:

"Just say no to bogus toxic skincare."

Basically babes, we're just regular girls just like you. From wallflowers to bodacious babes, we've learned the ways of our main squeeze, Nature, and we ain't never going back.

Most of all, we love our #baberituals. And you will too.

-The Cult

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